Леонид Кондратенко (leokondrat) wrote,
Леонид Кондратенко

Повесила в "Фэйсбуке" Наталья Водянова

on my way to a dinner with three French powerhouses in NY, each of whom has had a big influence on my life. #1 David Bonnouvrier my agent here in US, who has been by my side almost 17 years. He sent me to do a little poster for CFDA fashion awards with Fabien Baron Fabien Baron (another French fashion aristocracy) who showed my pictures to Calvin Klein, 16 years ago. #2 Francois Chateau, my lawyer and trustee of the Naked Heart Foundation / Фонд "Обнаженные cердца" whose firm Dentons has provided free legal services to the Naked Heart Foundation for this 12 years - the duration of charity existence. And #3 - David Jones David Jones, the founder of One Young World and You&Mr Jones. It was his book Who Cares Wins that became one of the inspirations that led me to start @elbi 4 years ago. My three musquteers, great friends, good laugh and incredible supporters.

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