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Поделился в "Фэйсбуке" ссылкой Laurence Binnington

EU - Offer European Citizenship to UK citizens

We are European citizens, but our country has voted to strip us of our citizenship.
Since 1993, British citizens have been European citizens, living under the laws and support of the European Union. For many of us, this EU citizenship is a birthright. Britain has just voted in a referendum to leave the EU, stripping all UK citizens of their EU citizenship.
Those of us who voted to Remain in the EU membership referendum are left without recourse, unable to retain our EU citizenship if we wish to stay a part of this great continental project, to travel and work together in a connected Europe. This is deeply unjust.
We call on the European Union and the member states of the EU to offer a means for UK citizens to retain their European citizenship. This may take the form of a European Passport, or a fast-track to citizenship of a nation within the EU.
We are proud European citizens. We have supported and been supported by the EU for decades, and we fought to Remain in Europe. Please offer a way for us to stay.

(Будь я англичанином, подписал бы, конечно. Но вдруг этот блог читают граждане соединенного королевства, - прим. ред.)

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